Chevrolet Recall Department

Our service center is the premier provider of Chevrolet recall service for Monterey Park, Pasadena, El Monte, Los Angeles, Montebello, and the surrounding areas.

Local Certified Chevrolet Recall Service in Monterey Park, CA

Sometimes, when a car is made, something is wrong that the manufacturer didn’t test for. Because of this error, the part or system breaks down when you least expect it, and not because you neglected service or anything like that. That’s when Chevrolet issues a recall for your car. Recalls are there to make sure that you can get your car taken care of and working the right way, and in most cases can be taken care of free of charge. At our service center at Camino Real Chevrolet, we’ll help you with all of your recalls.

Chevrolet Recall Department

Recall Department

The Urgency Behind Recall Service

Recalls can be submitted for all kinds of failures in the car, but most often they have to do with the safety of the vehicle. For example, a specific plastic screw in your steering wheel may be loose, and while that doesn’t seem like an issue, that screw could come flying out and hurt someone when the airbags go off. It’s things like this that are most common when you have a recall, so it’s important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible so that you’re safe while driving.

Knowing if You Have a Recall or Not

When you have a recall issued for your car, you usually get a notice in the mail. That notice, however, goes to the last address where you registered the car, which means that it can go to the wrong address if you’ve moved or otherwise relocated. The notice can also get lost or mistaken for junk mail, which is why we’ve provided a recall lookup tool. This online tool can help you put in your car’s details and get a specific report on your car and its recall needs.

Come to Camino Real Chevrolet for Your Recall Service

We have a parts and gear boutique in our state-of-the-art facility, and that boutique is open for you to tour so that you can find out what accessories could go best with your Chevrolet vehicle. We also have a comfortable waiting area that you can enjoy while you wait for our technicians to take care of your recall. Set up your appointment with our online scheduling service today!


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