The Benefits of Electric Cars

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The benefits of electric vehicles are great for Montebello drivers. When it comes to saving money on fuel economy and investing in the future, electric vehicles are always the top option! We’re always seeing more and more Los Angeles drivers making the switch to electric, and it’s becoming easier and easier to get access to an electric vehicle of your own. From the environmental benefits of electric cars to their fuel-savings options, we’ll explain how an electric vehicle could be a great option for you. Looking to save some more money? Consider a trade-in option today! It’s never been a better time to consider trading in your vehicle.



General Benefits of Electric Vehicles

There are great benefits of electric cars, and they can fit right into Alhambra drives. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular due to all of their positives. Not only that, but electric vehicles come with great perks and tech! Here are just some of the other benefits:

  • Zero Emissions: There are plenty of environmental benefits of electric cars and one of them is the close to zero tailpipe emissions. Most electric cars don’t even have an exhaust system, so exhaust emissions are not a byproduct of the vehicle running.
  • Renewable Energy: Another environmental benefit of electric cars is that they can use renewable energy. Electric cars are powered by electricity meaning they can take advantage of renewable resources such as solar, wind, or even water.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Full electric vehicles don’t require engine oil so there’s no need for oil changes. 
  • A Quieter Drive: One major benefit of electric vehicles that most drivers instantly notice is the quiet ride. Electric vehicles don’t necessarily have any engine noise, so there’s less noise while you drive.
  • A Better Performance: Electric vehicles really do provide unbeatable performance. Electric motors are capable of producing near-instantaneous torque, so you can still find thrill in your drives.

Before You Buy an EV

  1. Prepare Your Garage: Charging stations are becoming more numerous, but they’re not quite ubiquitous yet. You’ll want to prepare your garage for home charging. Research your options (Level 1 and Level 2 charging setups offer different charging times). Then, have your at-home charging system installed. This will most likely be your main method for EV charging.
  2. Find Your Local Charging Stations: Make a list of charging stations from companies like PlugShare or Chargeway in addition to any brand-specific chargers you can use based on the particular EV you drive. It’s especially helpful to know where stations are when traveling long-distance, but knowing where local chargers are in a pinch can be very helpful as well!
  3. Explore Your Incentives: EVs are often eligible for more incentives and tax credits than gasoline cars. In fact, you may be able to secure up to a $7,500 tax credit just by buying an electric car! These offerings can fluctuate, so it’s best to be proactive and research incentives.

See the Benefits of Electric Cars at Camino Real Chevrolet!

At Camino Real Chevrolet, we’re here to explain all of the environmental benefits of electric cars and the steps to driving your own. It’s easy to apply for financing online without having to leave the comfort of your own home. While you’re learning about your financing options, learn how long it takes for an electric vehicle to charge. You can count on %%di_name% for all of your electric car’s needs in Monterey Park and beyond. Our trained staff is always ready to answer your questions, service your vehicle, or show you more great benefits of an electric car!


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