Should You Buy an Electric Vehicle Home Charger?

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If you’ve just purchased an electric vehicle, charging batteries is something that you probably find yourself planning for. And, like a lot of Montebello drivers, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that fast-charging at home is more convenient than relying on public charging stations. Do you need an electric vehicle home charger? How do you prepare your home for an electric vehicle, like the Chevy Bolt EV? Keep reading for the answers. Also, apply for financing with us if you’re set on buying an EV today!

How to Figure Out Which Electric Vehicle Home Charger to Use

How do you plan to use your car? Will you be using it for a daily commute that takes you out of the Los Angeles area, or will you just be using it for short errands around town? How far you drive the vehicle on a daily basis can determine which method of charging you need to use. And depending on which method is used to charge an electric vehicle, charging batteries can take from a few hours to overnight:

  • Public electric vehicle charging station – You just run short errands in a city with lots of charging stations.
  • Level 1 home charging – You drive less than 50 miles a day and are fine with charging the car overnight.
  • Level 2 home charging – You drive more than 50 miles a day or need to charge the car faster than overnight.

Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle – Level 1 Charging

There should be a cord supplied with your car that plugs into an outlet in your house. This would be Level 1 home charging and generally takes overnight to charge your vehicle. However, there is still some preparation involved:

Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle – Level 1 Home Charging

  • Find the amperage rating on your main circuit breaker.
  • If your home can handle the 12-amp setting on your electric vehicle, use that setting.
  • If your home can’t handle 12-amp charging or you’re not sure, use the default 8-amp setting.

Prepare Your Home for an EV Vehicle – Level 2 Charging

Level 2 is a much faster way of charging your electric vehicle. Charging batteries will only take around 4.5 hours on average, using this method. Follow these steps:

Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle – Level 2 Home Charging

  • Clean your garage and prepare a space for the charger.
  • Purchase your charger from your car’s manufacturer or a retailer like Home Depot
  • Hire an electrician to install it.

Check Out the Chevy Bolt EV or EUV at Camino Real Chevrolet of Monterey Park

Did you know that Chevrolet will cover the standard installation of Level 2 charging outlets for eligible customers who purchase or lease a 2022 Bolt EUV or Bolt EV? Why not come take one of these energy-efficient vehicles for a test drive? We’re just down the road from Alhambra. So, drop by or contact us today!

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